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14months waiting - when are you going to confirm when I'll receive my order? - No reply to my query on Forum or to my email to

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I've posted on the forum pages before and also emailed which I seen others have been told to use as contact.

I'll repeat my query again here in the hope that someone running the CarDongle project can provide some specific information.


It's now 14months and I still have not received my unit or received any updates directly.  I only see the general update issued each month.  
As I ordered over a year ago I expected I may have received my order by now as you have been shipping batches for a while.
Can you confirm where my order sits in the current wait-list?
I'd also like to know why my status has been changed so that I can no longer request a refund as per the Indiegogo process?  Please advise why and what the process is now to receive a refund if you have removed this and also don't respond to emails?
I see the AA unit has been released and is now available to buy through Amazon so if I order that now then I expect I'll receive that before my CarDongle.


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