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Drained Honda CRV Battery

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I have a 2017 Honda CRV - I plugged in the CarDongle and got the basic features working. I left the device plugged in overnight and in the morning the car battery was dead. I was kinda hoping that I wouldn't have to remember to unplug it when I turned off the car. Does anyone else have this problem? is there a fix?

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sure its not a coincidence, cd should only be powered and working when car is on and head unit on? was light on cardongle on when you go ito car wthout starting car

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Nothing you can by as a final product but if you know a bit of elelctronics there are multiple options.

*Make a USB cable that splits power and data and power the dongle from a port that does turn off when car is off.
*Get a voltage cut off controller. I've used one in a Ford vehicle that wasn't shutting off the only 12 port near dash. I think it was meant for solar charging systems. You basically set cut off at 11.9volts and resume at 13v.

I don't have the dongle yet, but if you can install tasker app on it, there might be a way to shut it down number of minutes after BT is disconnected or some other trigger.
Good luck


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