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Hello Guys!

We are trying to iron out bugs still in the v1.5 firmware. 
Please add bug reports / features requests here.


Also, should we try to develop a v2.0? which features would you like that to have?


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Well hello Tommy, welcome back.

My suggestion would be to keep up with the CarPC as far as features - everything we requested on the old forums for the CarDongle, has seemed to make it over to the Pro version of the CarPC; so I guess mirror that, like they've mirrored your v1.5 device for their standard version.

Speaking of the CarPC, is it just me, or has any of my references to it been removed from this forum?  Fred and I had some discussions comparing the two, and I can't seem to find them any longer.

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sometimes updates just destroy the things if there is any way to back up or install old firmware

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I just watched a Youtube video on the CarPC that looks like CarDongle.  Right down to the SD card slot.

I'm thinking that CarPC is CarDongle that was supposed to be promised to the original backers.

Does the CarDongle have built-in GPS antenna.  What I remember it was supposed to be change and fixed.

Even the Kickstarter page looks so alike.

Having a work around for something that is supposed to have a built-in GPS is what I did not order.  


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@oldman3d Your observation is'nt wrong (hardware seems to be quite similar) 😉. The difference is in software and distribution. If you're interested do a seach for "Applepie AI box mini" and you'll find at least 5 different brands and distributors selling a box with quite similar looks and hardware which connects to your head unit using Apple connection protocol. This is the big difference to Cardongle which uses the Android Auto protocol.

Regarding GPS: V1 (silver head) had a GPS module which doesn't work outside Asia (in Europe and America) at least for the time being. V1.5 (black head) has a working ceramic antenna. From your description I think you got a V1. The workaround is described _here_. If you want to discuss that with Cardongle team please contact them using the procedure described _here_, I'm just a volunteer.

Bye for now  Fred

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@ap756 Thanks Fred.

Yup, I have the silver top.  I have ordered a different setup from Amazon, should be in tomorrow.  MGear I think it is called.

I keep the Cardongle and update it as going forward.

Guess looks of something similar is not the same.



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