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Loophole/ Cheat Code for MX player to launch without Wi-Fi hotspot

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The main reason why i have purchased CD is to play music videos on my car screen for which i use MX player. (After trying a lot of other players i finalized MX player for my preferences in my previous car which ran an Android system)

However, whenever i launch MX player on CD it asks me to connect to the internet (even though there is an active SIM inserted in the CD. Another thread) forcing me to switch on mobile hotspot to access music video files in the internal memory of CD.

So here's the cheat code/ loophole i have discovered:

1. Go to Settings in CD

2. Make MX player launch by default on boot of CD

3. This will launch MX player whenever CD boots with a message "waiting for internet connection" and a "CANCEL" button

4. Just ignore the above message for a few seconds and MX player launches without a hiccup.

There you go! Offline music videos (pre downloaded and saved in internal storage of CD) without internet connection

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