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#36 update on Indiegogo

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Hello CarDongle Backers!


We shipped out the remainder of last batch two weeks ago.

Check your spam / junk folder for shipping tracking. If you didn't receive tracking, then shipping will resume after our next batch is ready.


Components Shortage


Several of the components need to assembly the CarDongle are in shortage. We're checking daily when the components will be back in stock. Covid lockdowns for the "China zero covid policy" are affecting delivery of components as well. We estimate that it will be around 3 weeks until we have components to complete the next batch.


Support forums fixed


If you've received your unit and you need support, then check out our support forums: Forums


Thanks for your continued patience and support!


CarDongle Team



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My Car dongle went from not working to be able to update and working for 2 month to not working and not been able to update to now the light will not even come one and plugging into laptop will also do nothing. Please help

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You don't write if you already installed Mirroid or Vysor ( ). Without a program/drivers connecting Cardongle to a PC won't help anything. I prefer Vysor, it seems to be more stable than Mirroid, at least for me.

If your Cardongle doesn't start after connecting to your PC (with the correct program, see above) I recommend reflashing the Cardongle (see ). After that it should be running again.

Bye for now  Fred


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