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New Firmware, V1.0+V1.5 Fullfillment, V1.5 Next Batch


Hello CarDongle Backers!

The new CarDongle firmware for v1.0 and v1.5 was released last month yet several people are still reporting they cannot connect. You can update via OTA update. If your stereo no longer reads it, please connect your CarDongle to your PC using the Vysor app or Mirroid app:

We'll post the fw download on our support forums as well.

Latest batch of v1.5 shipped out

We shipped out the last of our most recent batch of v1.5. We've emailed tracking on a few days ago. Check your spam/junk folder. If you didn't receive an email, then your order will ship out next batch. The next batch of v1.5 will be ready in around 2 months.

Several of the components are scarce again so we will need time to procure, manufacture, assemble and test.

Make sure to follow up on your tracking. If your unit is not picked up, it will not be returned to sender due to covid policy. the post office will return your package to Singapore and it will be destroyed. You can track at

Few units of v1.0 left

We still have several units of v1.0. You can email us with email subject "Please ship v1.0" and we'll ship out in the order we receive the emails until v1.0 runs out.  Email: 

If you received v1.0 and wanted v1.5, we need to maybe do a swap. We'll need to wait for 2 months until the next v1.5 is ready. Make sure not to use your v1.0 unit and keep it in new condition if you want to swap.

Support forums fixed

If you've received your unit and you need support, then check out our support forums: Forums

Note: suport forums are not working. Please only try to register on:

Thanks for your continued patience and support!

CarDongle Team



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When will v1.5 be send me? Is this the next batch?

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@lemontan , please write an email to Cardongle following the rules described _here_. Unfortunately as forum moderator (just a volunteer) I've got no better info for you, sorry about that.

Bye for now  Fred




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