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So I'll put this here showing my out of box experience and lets see what happens...

What I ordered:

2 x CarDroid OctaCore 4+64gb
2 x CarDroid Car PC - OctaCore 4gb RAM +64gb ROM, Early Bird Duo
Estimated Delivery Date
December 2020
Included Items
2 x 1 x CarDroid OctaCore 4gb+64gb
DHL Shipping Upgrade, 6-12 Day
DHL Shipping Upgrade 6-12 day delivery. Normal shipping takes 2-4 weekds to deliver.
Estimated Delivery Date
December 2020
Included Items
1 x DHL Shipping Upgrade

What I got:

1x CarDroid delivered via standard post arrived in April 2021

Handsfree phone integration is non-existent, no callerid displayed, steering wheel controls do nothing anymore.

Device does not support VPN so no NordVPN to enable Pandora

Device does not support live wall papers

Bluetooth pairing with OBDII device does not work so no Torque app

Voice Control does not work

Takes a while to boot up each time car is started

Touch response/accuracy is not great


Youtube works!

Maps is not the Android auto version so its a "mobile" optimised screen

REALLYYY hope they pick up the firmware game on this ASAP as currently its a cheap chinese tablet without a screen


Many waits, Much disappoint.

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Allan, sounds like you're not pleased with the unit you got. If you want to get rid of this unit you already received, get in contact with me. I want to start tweaking this thing πŸ˜‰

Bye for now Fred


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