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State Manager App Stopped Working - Same message every time on startup

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I've done a search on the forum here for 'State Manager' and I can see that others have posted having the same/similar issue with the message that the 'State Manager' has stopped working.

Is there a fix/solution/work-around for this issue?

Generally the CarDongle still seems to continue functioning but as I'm not sure what the State Manager actually does then I'm not sure what to expect - I assume it does something needed.


I have a v1.5 unit with latest update as received, and only had it a week, and it's done this from the very start.


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@Msurge, the exact reason for this message isn't known (at least as far as I know). Chance is high that this is related to the Nitro Launcher used as startup program. If you are willing to try a workaround (not sure it works for you) please install "open settings" as described _here_. Open it and set the default launcher in Apps to Quicstep. 

I'm full of hope that this behavior will be corrected with the pending next update, unfortunately it did not arrive yet. As innovative user you might try the Quickstep solution or you have to wait for the next release. Please report your findings. Thanks in advance.

Bye for now  Fred 

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