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Unable to Connect to 2020 Chevy Silverado

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Hoping I can get help.  Just received my cardongle last week and have been unable to connect it to my Truck's Factory Stereo (which does support android natively and works fine with every android phone in the house).
I've connected to the CarDongle via Mirroid. Tried installing the last firmware version I could find on this site (which was older than what was installed, but I tried it anyhow),  tried letting the device auto update (which it did).

But upon plugging it into my truck I briefly see a message "Check phone for messages."   Then it goes back to Searching for Phone and then a I receive a message that states "Device Connection Error.  Please try connecting device again."
There are 3 USB ports in the truck that will connect to android auto. No other port is being used for anything.  I have tried all 3 ports and get the same result.

I made a video to help:

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@kardsen, I suppose your head unit tries to connnect to your real phone and blocks connecting CarDongle to the head unit. Remove any (old) phone connection from your head unit, then connect CarDongle to USB and wait for the steady blue light. Last step: Do a restart of the head unit (press and hold the volume control until the head unit restarts). Let us know how the startup changed.

Bye for now  Fred


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